What is CryptPad, and how can I use it for my classroom?


One advantage of CryptPad is to gather in the same place commonly used productivity and content creation apps. No need to switch between various service providers and accounts.

CryptPad Apps


The applications embed a built-in chat. Each document or pad can be set to allow access only or give edition permissions.

Student groups

CryptPad is ideal for group works, projects and presentations. Check the Rich Text and Kanban apps below.

Encrypted and privacy-friendly

The coronavirus pandemic has led teachers to search for online tools. How to move the instruction outside the classroom while keeping interactions?
CryptPad is entirely encrypted in the browser and provides solutions which respect the privacy of your students, their work, while enabling live collaboration and communication. CryptPad is open source. No company led by profit or surveillance motives is spying on your activity.

Light and simple

You may already know Moodle, the leading open source LMS (Learning Management System). While being very complete, it is complicated to deploy and manage.
In comparison, CryptPad provides a simple interface, and you do not even need an account to access a pad and start collaborating. Focus on the pads or files you store in your drive (cloud).

Focus on 3 apps

Text editor

This app lets you and your students compose and format texts in many ways. You can insert links, math equations and export to Word (.doc).
If you need to draw diagrams, prefer the Code app to insert diagrams using mermaid.

Rich Text demo

Rich text app demo


This app allows you to draw on a whiteboard, move elements around, and insert images.
Later on, you can export the board content to an image file.

Whiteboard demo

Whiteboard app demo


Kanban is a Japanese system used in project management to coordinate tasks in project teams. You may already know Trello, the leading Kanban board app. They have well documented use cases of Boards For The Classroom and How Teachers use Trello.

The typical use is having 3 columns: To Do, In progress and Done referencing tasks. To change a task status, simply drag it from 1 column to another. You can associate colors to tasks to differentiate them or attribute them to one student.

Kanban demo

Kanban demo

Integrate with RosarioSIS

To integrate CryptPad with RosarioSIS, it is as simple as sharing the link to your pad in an Assignment description (teachers) or in a Message / Note (administrators)!

Other apps such as the Sheet app may be of interest for administrative staff to collaborate on Excel sheets. Also, teachers or administrators can setup simple Polls for Parents to take.

Try CryptPad

Try CryptPad now at https://demo.rosariosis.com/