Privacy Policy

We, the service provider at, engage before you, the service contractor, to respect the following 11 statements which serves as our privacy policy.

Access logs

  • We only log your IP address and browser agent when accessing the servers.
  • We store access logs for compliance with the French law.
  • We use access logs for statistical purposes. You can consult access statistics for your account.

Personal data

  • Personal data is stored securely on our servers and backed up on remote servers.
  • Personal data you submit is stored until your account is cancelled.
  • You have access to edit, delete and export your personal data through our website interface, in compliance with the GDPR law.
  • We do not access your school or personal data unless authorized by you (i.e. for support purposes).


  • CryptPad account are automatically removed after 365 days of inactivity.

No third parties

  • We do not use third party services to collect data (i.e. Google Analytics).
  • We do not share or resell data to third parties (i.e. newsletters, customers lists).
  • Only your email address and credit card information is sent to Stripe for payments.

Open source

  • Our solutions are exclusively based on free software for which the source code is publicly available (open source).

For any inquiry about this privacy policy, please contact us.

Consult our Terms of Service.