Our solutions are powered by open source applications made by web enthusiast teams based in France. We offer simple and easy to use tools for school management and classroom collaboration (office suite and cloud).

Those applications are web-based and responsive: get access right from your tablet or smartphone.

School management

RosarioSIS logo


RosarioSIS is a Student Information System offering complete solutions for school management.

Learning management

RosarioSIS also comes with Learning management tools for teachers such as integrated Quiz and an internal Messaging system used for student assessment and communication.

For complete Learning tools, please check what CryptPad offers below.


Core modules are included in both PRIMARY & PREMIUM plans:

  • School module School
  • Students module Students
  • Users module Users
  • Scheduling module Scheduling
  • Grades module Grades
  • Attendance module Attendance
  • Activities module Activities
  • Discipline module Discipline
  • Accounting module Accounting
  • Student Billing module Student Billing + PREMIUM features
  • Food Service module Food Service

Add-on modules & plugins

Add-ons are pre-installed and can be activated from the School > Configuration > Modules screen.

Add-ons included in both PRIMARY & PREMIUM plans:

  • Messaging module Messaging + PREMIUM features
  • SMS module SMS + PREMIUM features
  • Library module Library + PREMIUM features
  • Quiz module Quiz + PREMIUM features
  • Hostel module Hostel + PREMIUM features
  • Reports module Reports
  • Jitsi Meet module Jitsi Meet
  • Moodle plugin
  • Students Import + PREMIUM features
  • Staff & Parents Import
  • Grades Import
  • Timetable Import
  • Staff Absences
  • Class Diary + PREMIUM features
  • Email
  • Email SMTP
  • PDF Header & Footer
  • Public Pages + PREMIUM features
  • TinyMCE Record Audio Video

PREMIUM plan only:

  • Discipline Score
  • Email Students
  • Email Parents
  • Email Alerts
  • PayPal Registration


Login & password: administrator

Access the RosarioSIS demonstration.

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What is RosarioSIS and how can I use it to manage my school?

What is a Student Information System?

Classroom cloud

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CryptPad is a collaborative office suite. Documents, or "Pads" are encrypted in the browser.

PREMIUM plan only.

Collaborative tools

CryptPad comes with a set of real-time collaborative tools. Each tool includes a built-in chat for teachers and students to communicate. Here is the list:

  • Rich Text tool Rich Text
  • Code tool Code
  • Presentation tool Presentation
  • Sheet tool Sheet
  • Poll tool Poll
  • Kanban tool Kanban
  • Whiteboard tool Whiteboard


Save your documents to the cloud, 100 MB / user:

  • CryptDrive tool CryptDrive


Access the CryptPad demonstration.

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What is CryptPad, and how can I use it for my classroom?

Educational apps

We offer free educational web-applications that run in the browser and can instantly be used in your classroom.

SVG editor logo

SVG editor

Draw images using vectors: draw using pencils, shapes (includes a shape library), write text, insert images and save your work.

Access SVG editor.

Turtle Blocks logo

Turtle Blocks

Another drawing tool, but this time to learn programming basics and geometry. Turtle Blocks is a Lego inspired turtle that draws pictures out of programming blocks: conditions, loops, and basic instructions (color, moves). Run your program and watch the turtle draw!

Access Turtle Blocks.

Music Blocks logo

Music Blocks

Another tool of the same family as Turtle Blocks, but to explore music concepts. Music Blocks is a Lego inspired cat that composes music out of blocks: set the rhythm, pitch, interval, and choose from a library of 25 chord and brass instruments plus drums. Run your composition and listen to the music!

Access Music Blocks.